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Throughout these stressful COVID-19 times, the government is enacting legislation to aid and assist employers and employees.  At DAPA, we strive to be a resource for any legislative and impending payroll related laws that may affect many of us in the payroll community. Below are some helpful links to navigate the ever-changing payroll laws and resources.  As new laws and programs are passed, the DAPA website will be updated.



Small Business Association: Guidance and Loan Resources

Paycheck Protection Program Guidelines – Although the program is not accepting new applications, please monitor this website for an update in status should more funds be approved.

Other Relief Options for Small Businesses

Garnishment Impact

Federal Student Loans Suspension

IRS Tax Relief and Economic Impact Payments

IRS Employer Tax Credits

Paid Leave due to COVID-19

FFCRA – Families First Coronavirus Response Act

Tax Credits for Required Paid Leave


Business Mileage Rate Decreasing in 2020

2020 State Tax Withholding Changes

USCIS Released New Form I-9

IRS Provides Clarification on Lock-in Letter Adjustments

IRS Releases 2020 Form W-4 

IRS Issued 2020 Levy Exemption Table

IRS Releases 2019 ER Credit for Paid Family and Medical Leave Form and Instructions

IRS Releases 2020 Pension Plan Limits - COLA & 401K

IRS Releases 2020 Benefit Plan Contribution Limits

IRS to Release Final Draft of 2020 Form W-4 by end of November; Publication 15-T in December RS Releases 

October 22nd IRS Webinar to Aid Employers Understanding of new form W-4 (Click this link to register)

DOL to raise “White Collar” salary threshold to $684/week in 2020

IRS Releases 2020 HSA Limits

DOL Issues Three New Wage and Hour Opinion Letters

IRS, Treasury unveil proposed W-4 design for 2020 | Internal Revenue Service

Social Security Trustees Project 2020 Wage Base to Increase to $136,800

IRS Releases Tax Calendar Options Publication

EEOC Requires Employers to update EEO-1 Pay Data by Sept 30, 2019

IRS Issues Clarification on Moving Expenses

DOL Proposes Updated Salary Threshold for “White Collar” Exemption

IRS Releases 2019 Form W-2 and Instructions

OCSE Issues Guidance for Employers Regarding Bonus/Lump Sum Payment Reporting

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IRS Releases 2020 Form W-4 

IRS Issued 2020 Levy Exemption Table

IRS Releases 2019 ER Credit for Paid Family and Medical Leave Form and Instructions

IRS Releases 2020 Pension Plan Limits - COLA & 401K

IRS Releases 2020 Benefit Plan Contribution Limits

IRS Consumer Alerts