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    Behind the Scenes of the Dallas Chapter

    Have you ever wondered why we have name badges at the Chapter meetings? Have you ever asked yourself, “what’s with all the colored dots on the name badges”?  Have you ever needed to cancel your meeting registration, but didn’t know how to go about doing it? Have you ever wondered how the meeting menu is chosen?  Well, here is the Playbill to help you figure out what the heck is going on!

     Name Badges:  These are important for many reasons. First, it lets others know who you are and it tells you who they are. Here’s what you may not know about name badges; it’s how we account for who is in attendance and who didn’t show. Be sure to pick up your name badge when you arrive at a meeting! Our final count to the hotel for meal payments is determined from the name badges. Also, if you don’t pick up your name badge, you do not get counted as being in attendance. This can affect RCHs awarded, winning a door prize, and your chances to win a free National Congress registration at the end of the year! After the meeting, be sure to return your name badge! The badges are not cheap. Replacing them takes time and costs the chapter money!

     Colored dots and stickers: These tell us special things about members. A blue dot means this is your first meeting as a new member. A red dot tells the hotel staff that you’ve requested a special meal (more on that later). A green Guest sticker distinguishes members from guests, so get out there and make those guests feel welcome! 

     Cancelling a registration: If you can’t attend a meeting after you’ve registered, there are several options. If you need to cancel, you can do so up until noon on the Monday before the meeting, and your paid registration will be applied to a future meeting. Noon on Monday is the deadline for us to give a guarantee to the hotel. After that, it’s too late to cancel, so send someone in your place! Unpaid no-shows will be billed, so please communicate with us as soon as you know you can’t make the meeting.

     Menu selections: There are at least three meal options for every meeting. The standard option is Chef’s menu choice for that month. We usually do not know what it will be until a few days prior to the meeting, but it’s always a nicely prepared meal. The other two options are by special request only at the time of registration. You can request grilled chicken with no sauce. The sides are usually vegetables and a starch. The last option is a vegetarian plate. A red dot on the name badge will indicate you have requested a special meal. It is your responsibility to communicate to the server which meal you want (grilled chicken or veggie plate). If you have strict dietary needs that these options cannot accommodate, you may need to make your own arrangements.

     Meeting registration: When it comes to meetings, the earlier you can register the better. Remember, there are several options if you need to cancel.  It’s especially important to register before the noon deadline of Monday before the meeting. This avoids late fees for you and helps us get an accurate number of reservations for the hotel.

     Payments:  The preferred method of payment for classes, meetings, and memberships is by credit card. It’s a fast and efficient way for us to receive payment that saves time tracking pending payments. If paying by credit card is not an option, it’s helpful if you can mail a check to be received prior to the event to save time upon arrival. Of course, we will always accept cash and checks on the day of the event. Just remember, if you haven’t pre-paid, it will be necessary to check-in at the Administration table upon arrival.

     Information updates:  We want to make sure the information we have for you is always accurate and current. If you change jobs, get a new email, or obtain a new certification, please update your member profile on the website. However, we don’t get automatic updates on your changes. If the information for your name badge needs to be updated, just make the change on the badge itself before returning it. A new badge will be printed for the next meeting.