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Behind the Scenes of the Dallas Chapter

Sharing information on details of the Dallas Chapter is a good thing.  It keeps us all updated on interesting facts and pertinent information about our chapter and our membership.  Let's explore a few of those important items.

Cancelling a registration: If you can’t attend a meeting after you’ve registered, there are several options. If you need to cancel, you can do so up until noon on the Monday before the meeting, and your paid registration will be applied to a future meeting. Noon on Monday prior to the meeting on Thursday is the deadline for us to give a guarantee attendance number to the hotel. After that, it’s too late to cancel, Unpaid no-shows will be billed, so please communicate with us as soon as you know you can’t make the meeting.

Menu selections: Please let us know on your meeting registration is you have any special diaterary needs.  Every attempt will be made to comply with reasonable requests.

Meeting registration: When it comes to meetings, the earlier you can register the better. Remember, there are sveral options if you need to cancel.  It’s especially important to register before the noon deadline of Monday before the meeting. This avoids late fees for you and helps us get an accurate 

Volunteering: This is a great work to network with other payroll professionals.  Take a moment to complete the Volunteer Application located in the member section of the website.  It's some of the most rewarding time you will spend, giving back to a profession that has given us so much.

Sign in sheets: Please be sure to sign in at all meetings and classes.  First and foremost we want to be able to maintain a record of your attendance and for those needing RCH credit from APA it is required.  Thank you for the extra effort to ensure we have a record of your attendance.