Programs - Awards Night

For the 2020-2021 DAPA Awards Night Celebration, we are currently in the planning stages.  Please continue to check back for updated information.

Dallas Payroll Professional of the Year Award Recipients

Since 1989, the chapter has selected an outstanding payroll professional each year celebrated in November at our Awards Night Presentation. These professionals have been outstanding members of our chapter who have gone above and beyond.  We PROUDLY honor them!!

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to the Chapter!!

2019  Martha Baxter, LSS



2018  Trisha Lindsay, CPP

2017  Barbara Maxwell, CPP

2016  Teresa Mulky, CPP

2015  Karen Ward, CPP

2014   Susan Charles, CPP

2013   Terri Watkins, CPP

2012   Rhonda Potter, CPP

2011   Rebecca Mather, CPP

2010   Susan George, CPP

2009   Tommy Windsor, CPP

2008   Jackie Carroll, CPP

2007   Robyn Harris, CPP

2006   Barbara Youngman, CPP

2005   DeAnn Doonan, CPP

2004   John McCasland, CPP

2003   Debbie Rich, CPA

2002   Charmyne Crowe, CPP

2001   Teresa Mulkey, CPP

2000   Kathy Phillips, CPP

1999   Ray Moyer, CPP

1998   Carolyn Carpenter, CPP

1997   Carolyn Huse, CPP

1996   John Colson, CPP

1995   Pat Whitaker, CPP

1994   Dorothy Webster, CPP

1993   Bill Harrison, CPP

1992   Connie Davis, CPP

1991   Dorcyle McClure, CPP

1990   Sharon Smith, CPP

1989   Cindy Tanner, CPP