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    July 2018 Business & Education Meeting

    July 12, 2018
    11:30 AM - 1:30 PM
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    Doubletree Hotel
    4099 Valley View Ln
    Dallas, TX 75244

    Speaker:  Karen Ward, CPP

    Topic:  Get in the Game

    With constant changes in the State and Federal laws, do you ever feel lost or confused? Do you consider yourself a team player who is ready for the fly ball to left field and miss the ground ball as it passes you by….

    Does it feel like in recent years that we work in an environment of what feels like change is the only constant?  With Federal, State and local law changes it’s just crazy and then add in the “small acquisition” or “relocating the company head-quarters”!!

    Stop by the July session to get your game plan on changes that are a CONSTANT part of daily life in the world we work in.  Let’s make sure you utilize the right players, making the right moves to have a winning team who can take you all the way to the Human Resource & Payroll World Series!!

    Who needs to be involved in some of the latest changes?? How do we become compliant in a world of change? Why does your company need to play ball? Bring your collective team together for an awesome Draft Day event….No one will go home a loser!

    About the Speaker: 

    Karen Ward, CPP

    Karen began her payroll career as timekeeper/recorder in the late 1980’s and by 1997 had advanced to Payroll Administrator for a division of Phillips 66 Petroleum.  Karen first became a Certified Payroll Professional the following year and maintains her certification. 

    Karen grew up and spent most of her payroll career in the Houston, Texas area.  She has always been very active in the American Payroll Association holding various positions on the boards of both the Houston and Galveston Bay Area Chapters of the APA, including Chapter Treasurer and Chapter Coordinator, among others. 

    Karen moved to the Dallas area in 2009 and immediately became active with the Dallas Chapter even serving as the Chapter Treasurer.  Because of her passion for payroll and her “pay-it-forward” attitude regarding payroll education, Karen received the Dallas Chapter APA Special Recognition award in 2012.  She is actively involved with the FPC/CPP review, the Fundamentals of Payroll courses, and the Mastering Payroll Concepts classes.  Because of her extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of payroll, her participation in the teacher mentoring sessions is invaluable and was bestowed with the Payroll Professional of the Year-Dallas Chapter 2015.  She IS the trainer who trains the trainers.

    Karen has payroll experience in a multitude of industries including manufacturing, non-profit, oil & gas, construction, local government and currently transportation.  She is the Payroll Tax & Analyst Supervisor for Southwest Airlines Co.  Past employers include Shell Oil Company and City of Houston-Police Department.

    She volunteers for the Annual Texas Payroll Conference, the American Payroll Association National Congress, The National APA Hotline and in the past the Certification Advisory Group and is a member of the National Speaker’s Bureau.

    Karen’s preferred payroll system is SAP because of its complexity and flexibility.  According to Karen, if it has to be done in payroll, SAP can do it.  She considers Union shops the easiest payroll because the rules tend to be laid out and very structured. 

    Karen’s ideal job would be a full-time Payroll Instructor.  She is very passionate about payroll and the payroll staff’s very grave responsibility of ensuring that all employees are paid timely and correctly.  Her goal is to instill that passion into all payroll practitioners.

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