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    Awards Night & Vendor Social Hour

    March 14, 2019
    5:30 PM - 9:00 PM
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    Doubletree Hotel
    4099 Valley View Ln
    Dallas, TX 75244

    "Leave them better than you found them" It is the answer to every crossroad and a defense to every introverted induced fear.  That credo has come to embody a potent concoction of selfless moxie that can be harnessed even in the most uncertain of times.  Comple explore the simplicity and power a personal credo has on every aspect of life.  By finding your True North, by distilling your "why" and "how" into a guiding force, you will know your way, no matter where life takes you.

    Our one-hour learning path will demostrate a comprehensive approach to identify your unique "True North." This presentation will describe methods for personal reflection and targeted methods that help us hone in on the purporse of leadership, whether as a manager, peer or parent by developing authentic leadership skills.  

    "True North" is your originating point that is derived from your beliefs, values and principles we lead by.  It is your internal compass leading you to be someone people will naturally want to associate with.  Finding your "True North" takes a lifetime and our speaker will explain how we begin the journey to strive for excellence and be passionate about our skills.  



    Finding your True North -  "Leave them better than you found them"

    About the Speaker: 

    Rana has enjoyed more than 15 years working with prominent Human Capital Management (HCM) solution providers, partnering closely with executives and business leaders to bring actionable insights to their workforce. Through her work leading multiple client service teams, she has specialized in predictive and prescriptive workplace analytics, workforce planning, business strategy and human capital alighment, and change management design.  Shis is currently focusing on the next generation of workforce analytics through the use of natural language processing and machine learning at Ultimate Software.  She is a frequent public speaker, highlighting customer successes and contributing to coversations around growning workforce trends. 

    She has just launched Companss Credo ( as a space to start exploring the power of personal credos.  She can also be found writing songs for her 5th album (, bringing documentaries, exploring art exhibits with her wife, learning about anime from her step-daughter, and cuddling with her two cats. 

    Thank you Ultimate Software for your gracious support and sponsorship of our speaker!  


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    Thank you to our great sponsors for this event!  




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