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June Virtual Education Lunch Meeting - Challenges of Payroll in a Virtual Environment


June 11, 2020
11:30 AM - 12:45 PM
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Virtual Go-To-Webinar


Speakers: Natalie Lopez, CPP & Martha Baxter, LSS

Topic: Challenges of Payroll in a Virtual Environment

Working Remotely – The New Norm?

Overcoming the Challenges of a Virtual Payroll World

Adjusting from our day to day office work environment to our home office environment can create some unique challenges. Whether we are a member of team or leading the team; overcoming those challenges can be stressful. Whether you are a seasoned pro at working from home or you have just been “thrown” into this new concept, this class will help us all work through those unique situations that occur and find ways to step up to the challenge.Payroll can be complicated and stressful enough in our office environments where we have direct access to decision makers and other departments for interaction and problem solving.  That one on one interaction can be difficult when working remotely if there isn’t a good plan and process in place. 

During this class, we will look into several areas

Communications & Collaborations

  • With technology today, there are many resources that assist us in connecting virtually. We will explore several options that are being widely used
  • How to stay connected and enjoy being a part of a virtual team
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of feeling unconnected
  • Staying updated on current legislative changes virtually


Leading the Team

  • Managing a team virtually brings to light several new challenges for team leaders.
  • Review some “lessons learned” and capture insight into hiring, training, and supervising other employees in a virtual environment
  • Keeping your processes updated for the virtual world of processing
  • We will take a look at some specific management issues arising from our new virtual homes


Work Environment

Ok, great! Working from home is a breeze or is it?  We will look at some considerations for work environment to assist in getting acclimated to this new work approach.

  • We will take a look at the best practices for establishing a productive work environment
  • The trade off from the office environment to the comforts of our homes can prohibit our ability to stay focused and to be productive.  Let’s take a closer look on how to avoid some setbacks as you transition.
  • Security – now that we are away from shredders, scanners and secure copiers, now what?



In our work office environments, typically we have powerful networks and a team of IT professionals supporting us as we do our daily tasks.  Now we are shifting to our home internet providers and often we need some assistance to ensure we can remain connected and have those same comforts as our in-office environments.

  • Evaluating your systems performance from home
  • Determining additional equipment that might be needed
  • Encountering system issues during critical processing times


Wrapping up our virtual world

In conclusion, whether you are managing a team across the globe or you are part of a virtual team, our world is changing in payroll.  Our ability to learn quickly and adapt is being tested as never before.

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