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    President's Notes

    By Lisa Anderson, CPP

    It is April! Our elections are behind us and in front of us awaits a new year full of hopes and dreams.

    As your new President, I am in awe of all the great accomplishments this Chapter has made over the years. We have increased our educational class offerings by over 20% from 5 years ago, adding a stand-alone calculations class, a ’la carte options, and new fast track classes. Our Programs for our Educational meetings and One-day events improve each year with engaged speakers and poignant topics. We also have increased our scholarships and continue to make “paying it forward” one of our main goals. We have accomplished so much that it cannot all be listed in this brief article.

    With all our successes, this is no time to become complacent. The status quo is out the door, and it’s time to run down our dreams and make them realities. I have a huge agenda for this year, and it will take all of us – the entire membership – to make these dreams happen. I need your help. In the coming weeks, you will receive information on our committees and the goals for each committee. Please sign up for at least one committee. We have a committee for you:  creative people who like to plan parties and decorate, strategic people who like to grow business; technical people who like to make things work; fun people who like to brainstorm on new ideas and bring them to life (and we are all FUN people, right ).

    Thank you for all you do, and let’s make 2017 a Funtastic year!

    ~Lisa Anderson, CPP

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    Welcome Members!

    By Martha Baxter

    As your new Vice President, I wanted to share exciting information from National APA.  National APA has valuable information for its members.  As a longtime member of National APA, I can tell you that the benefits of National Membership are endless.  No matter what you need for your payroll profession, APA holds the answers.  I encourage each of you if you aren’t a member already to consider National Membership.  The opportunities to serve on a variety of committees provide great resources for us as payroll professionals.  Also, it’s time for Congress registration. It’s going to be a great Congress.  If you have any questions about National APA, please reach out to me.  


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    Membership Corner

    By Brenda Smith, CPP

    The deadline for renewing your membership is March 31, 2017 – There’s still time!!!!!!!!

    Spring breaks are over and it feels like forever before the next holiday – can’t wait.  I hope everyone is enjoying this Texas weather – cold on Monday and ready to tan on Tuesday.  You do know we only have two seasons in Texas right? – Summer and second summer.  Can’t count Spring, Fall or Winter as they are only about 3 days long each.


    We are excited to welcome 15 new members in February:

    Andrea Grandinetti, CPP            Carla Laney                                Victoria Rodriguez, CPP                       

    Luz Smith                                   Tammy Schaeffer                       Danita Lewis                

    Steve Coffey                              Ruth Simpson                              Randle Knighten, CPP                          

    Irene Damain, CPP                    Casandra Haygood, CPP             Ashley Briscoe

    Mathew Schweichler, CPP          Cameron Larkin                         Maureen Steckley

    Our Lunch-On-Us winner announced at the March 19, 2017 meeting is Greg Killeen.  Congratulations to Greg!


    Members were asked several questions by their Table Hosts and here are the responses (74 companies represented):

    How would you describe change management?     Tricky, Interactive, Extreme stress, Evolve the Stakeholders, Changing processes, Implementing and upgrading payroll systems, New initiatives, Cleaning away the obstacles, Being there to support your team through change, Changes that make your team more efficient, Getting anything different you did yesterday today, New management education, New management preparation for change, How will change be perceived by outside departments, Stress, Wine, Whatever flavor of the year, Current state to future, Constant change, The way a company is set up, Move your cheese

    What tips would you give to leaders during change and change management within your organization?  Get upper management on board, Transparency, Good communication, Stay calm – roll with it, Expect resistance, Ease into changes, Identify champions, Bring team in to be part of the change, Breathe, Resources and a plan, Open minded, Time to adjust to change, Department partnering, Engage, Buy-in,  Knowing what the end-game is, Payroll has a seat at the table, Lead by example

    During change within your organization, what do you expect the outcome to be?  Everything except layoffs, Reporting structure, More training and skills, Depends on the outcome you are needing, Typically different reporting structure and processes, Better overall outcome, Higher dose of prescriptions, Depending on what change must be toward goal and mission, On same page, Knowing what the end-game is, Layoffs, Re-organization, New training, New skills

    The Dallas Chapter of the American Payroll Association (Dallas Chapter APA) is excited to present this information to you. Your payroll department is a very important part of your business.  Together, through payroll withholdings, they contribute, collect and report $2.08 trillion – 68% of the U.S. Treasury’s annual revenue.

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    Look Who's Speaking!

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    Community Service

    By Susan Warren, CPP

    Members spoke and we listened!  You told us via Table Host questions that you wanted to support an outreach to help Seniors in the Dallas area and at our March Educational Meeting, we were honored to hear guest speaker Marilyn Self from the Dallas Area Agency on Aging.  Marilyn introduced us to the DAAA, the department under the umbrella of the Community Council of Greater Dallas responsible for planning, advocating, coordinating resources and providing services for seniors (persons 60+) and their caregivers in the Dallas County area. 

    If you’re 60+ or a caregiver for a senior, the Dallas Area Agency on Aging can assist you with the help you need whether it be meals, caregiver assistance, benefits counseling, classes for healthier living, minor home repair, or something else.  Their goal is to help seniors live independently for as long as possible.  We will be wrapping up our campaign for DAAA at our April meeting, so please give generously!

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    Eye on Education

    By Jeanne Jackson, CPP

    Our Fundamentals classes are posted on the webpage and we are excited for this ‘education’ year to start. 

    Our newest location – LaQuinta Inns and Suites Dallas Grand Prairie -- is conveniently located on Interstate 30 with easy access to all major highways. We will kick off our first Fundamentals of Payroll class at this location starting April 8th, followed by the Fundamentals of Payroll class in Addison on April 22nd.   As a reminder, this class is from 8:00-3:00 for 5 Saturdays and includes the 2017 Payroll Practice Fundamentals book.  Don’t forget about our a la carte classes this year if you need a refresher in a particular area.

    We tried something new this year and had great success with a Just Calculations class.  We will continue to offer this class throughout the year so watch for notifications about our upcoming 2017 Calculation classes. 

    If you have additional questions, please contact  

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    Other News

    Meet Your New Board of Directors

    By Susan Warren, CPP

    Last month’s elections welcomed a new slate of officers for our chapter.  This is the team that our members have asked to organize and represent the Dallas Chapter.  These are the folks working for you, our Dallas Payroll Professionals, so contact anyone on this list if you would like to volunteer or if you have any suggestions or questions related to the Dallas Chapter.

    Lisa Anderson, CPP – President

    Martha Baxter – Vice President

    Debbie Shuping, CPP – Secretary

    Loy Loveless, CPP – Treasurer

    Brenda Smith, CPP - Membership Director

    Jeanne Jackson, CPP – Education Director

    Verna Bryant, CPP – Assistant Education Director

    Sheri Lewis, CPP– Programs Director

    Susan Warren, CPP – Marketing Director

    Melissa Pack, CPP – Website Director

    Lexy Walker, FPC – Associate Website Director

    Danielle LaFleur, CPP – Past President

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    Change for a Change

    By Susan Warren, CPP

    Don’t forget our new initiative for 2017!  The Dallas APA is going to join one of our longtime supporters, Williams Chicken, in their Change for a Change drive.  Williams Chicken has been in the Dallas area just about the same length of time as the Dallas APA chapter, and for the past several years they have played a vital role in our Education Program, as well as supporting our Chapter by donating gift cards for their delicious offerings.  If you’ve ever been to a Williams Chicken restaurant, you may be familiar with their Change for a Change program:  all year long, they ask customers to donate their spare change, and then at year end they use the money collected to purchase things like coats for people who can’t afford to buy their own.  It’s a wonderful program, and we are proud and honored to participate this year!


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