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    President's Notes

    By Lisa Anderson, CPP

    I am so excited to begin this month with a Fantastic event – our Committee Volunteer Drive is here!

    This is your opportunity to give back, make an impact on the Chapter and community, and have a blast!

    Think you don’t have time to volunteer? Nonsense! We have tasks that take hours to days, each to fit into every schedule. Our May meeting will kick off with our Committee Volunteer round-up. Each Committee Chair will be available to give you the low-down so you can see where your talents can be showcased. Please stop by the spotlight table before the meeting.

    Education is out of the gates, running for a certification! Don’t be left behind. The classes are filling up fast, and the new a’ la’ carte options are super popular. If you hesitate this year, you may miss out of the class you need. We have some great new education materials this year too!

    Programs is already working on tons of great topics, but we are taking suggestions for later this year. What is that Payroll Something that keeps you awake at night? We want to know! Write down your topic suggestion and give it to your table host or one of the Board members. Let’s Make It Happen.

    If all this doesn’t put Spring in your step, keep reading…Our great Board has tons of things plannedJ

    ~Lisa Anderson, CPP

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    Membership Corner

    By Brenda Smith, CPP

    As we get rolling with the new year and with new leadership, I wanted to take a moment to remind everyone about several Membership perks:

    The Dallas Chapter offers many benefits to its members:

    • Monthly Business & Educational meetings
    • Personal Improvement Events (PIE’s)
    • Governmental Updates
    • Networking
    • One-Day Seminars
    • Educational Classes
    • Lots of Fun
    • One year free membership for perfect attendance to those members that attend all monthly education meetings for the year.
    • Free unlimited job posting for members in the member’s area.
    • Job listings for members that are in the market for a new position in the Career center.
    • “Lunch On Us”- For every member that is referred to the Dallas Chapter APA, we place the referring member’s name in a basket for drawing of a free lunch.


    So, do you know anyone that you feel would benefit having a membership with the Dallas Chapter?

    If so, ask them to join and request they include your name in the referred by slot.

    Shhhhhhhh, don’t tell anyone but we are planning some exciting events this year and want you to be an integral part of them.  More to come soon!!

    At the April monthly eductional meeting, the Table Hosts asked the following questions and you provided these responses:

    o    Q: Which big state comes to mind when you are discussing the taxation of short-term business   travelers?            

              A: CA, KY, MD, NY, NJ, ND, OH, PA, TX, and Canada

    o    Q: Do you know the affects of your multistate non-resident withholding compliance?

               A:  Everyone responded: YES

    o    Q: How do you collect and maintain this data? (#of responses)

               A: Do not collect (36 responses), Work location (1), Within payroll software (1), Data  from different expense travel (2), Accounts Payable (1), Time Cards/Sheets (2), ADP (1), Manually (2), Historical data pulled to make sure information is on W2(1)

    There were 85 companies represented at the April educational luncheon.


    Please plan to stop by our table, located in the back of the meeting room, and view the many ways you can “get connected” with the Dallas Chapter  

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    Look Who's Speaking!

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    Other News

    Upcoming Events:

    Look for information coming in June for our next PIE event (Personal Improvement Event).  Our PIE will be held in July and will be covering tips and ideas on resume writing, interviewing, and social media.


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    Community Service

    Community Outreach

    By Susan Warren, CPP

    For the months of May, June and July, we will be supporting Our Friends Place.  Our Friends Place helps young women break generational cycles of abuse, neglect, poverty and homelessness. They are dedicated to providing a strong foundation for girls and young women to build from adversity by learning a self-reliant approach to their own development.

    Established in Dallas in 1987, today Our Friends Place provides homeless young women, poverty-stricken women, girls aging out of foster care, and young women escaping abuse or neglect with supportive homes where they can learn skills they need for self-sufficiency. 

    This will be a wonderful chance for our APA members to help yet another segment of our society.  The Chapter has also offered to teach Money Matters to Our Friends Place residents to help them with budgets and interpreting that first pay check.  You can find out more about them at  Let’s give generously!

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    Eye on Education

    Eye on Education

    By Jeanne Jackson, CPP

    New classes are posted!

    Everyone struggles with calculations!  We will have a 2017 Calculation class on June 3rd at our Grand Prairie location. 

    Beginning June 10th in Grand Prairie, we will begin our first Mastering Payroll Concepts class for 2017.  This will be a 10 Saturday session from 8:00-1:00 and registration includes the APA 2017 Payroll Source. 

    Beginning Saturday July 8th, we will begin our Mastering Payroll Concepts class at the La Quinta location.  This will be a 7 Saturday session from 8:00-4:30 and registration includes the APA 2017 Payroll Source.

    We continue to offer the option to choose ala carte classes if you need only some of the classes being offered in this course. 

    If you have additional questions, please contact


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    Happenings on the Hill

    Government Update:

    Mobile Workforce State Income Tax Simplification Act was introduced to Congress on March 6 and voted favorably by the House Judiciary Committee on March 22.  The bill is the latest version to protect employers and their employees who travel for work for short periods of time from withholding nonresident state income taxes. Currently, 43 states and the District of Columbia levy a personal income tax on wages and partnership income.

    The APA asked members of the House Judiciary Committee to support the bill, stating “this bill is essential to both employers and employees, small and large, public and private, union and nonunion, nonprofit and for-profit, and all others located in any state.  The act provides for a uniform, fair and easily administered law and helps to ensure that the correct amount of tax is withheld and paid to the states without the undue burden that the current system places on employees and employers.


    Paid Family Leave Proposal in Vermont to Include Payroll Tax

    If enacted, the most generous paid family leave (PFL) program in the country.  The proposals include a payroll tax – the employee portion would be paid through a payroll deductions.  Employers would also pay a portion of the contribution.  It would be set to begin on July 1, 2018.  The APA continues to monitor the progress on this PFL proposal.

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    Calendar of Events

    Show Your Dallas Pride!

    Once again this year, the American Payroll Association is hosting the Chapters’ Choice contest where anyone can vote for their favorite chapter from the 2017 COTY entries.  The winner will be crowned Chapters’ Choice during Chapter Exchange at the 35th Annual Congress in Orlando, Fl.  Vote once per day to support your Chapter’s Choice!  Spread the word and tell your friends, spouse, kids, in-laws, outlaws…………tell everyone with a Facebook account to go to American Payroll Association and vote for the Dallas Chapter!!

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    Change for a Change


    Change for a Change

    By Susan Warren, CPP

    Don’t forget our new initiative for 2017!  The Dallas APA is going to join one of our longtime supporters, Williams Chicken, in their Change for a Change drive.  Williams Chicken has been in the Dallas area just about the same length of time as the Dallas APA chapter, and for the past several years they have played a vital role in our Education Program, as well as supporting our Chapter by donating gift cards for their delicious offerings.  If you’ve ever been to a Williams Chicken restaurant, you may be familiar with their Change for a Change program:  all year long, they ask customers to donate their spare change, and then at year end they use the money collected to purchase things like coats for people who can’t afford to buy their own.  It’s a wonderful program, and we are proud and honored to participate this year!

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