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    President's Notes

    By Lisa Anderson, CPP    

    TPC was a great success! Our very own Sheri Lewis won TPPY- Texas Payroll Professional of the Year!!!  Congratulations Sheri. We are so thankful for all you do to support this Chapter, your previous Chapter, Payroll Professionals and National APA. The Dallas Chapter APA also won best decorated booth- Thanks to Debbie Shuping, Jeanne Jackson, Kellie Somero, Lillian Huynh, Susan Warren, Loy Loveless and Jackie Carroll for your help in designing, decorating and staffing the booth. With summer behind us, it is time to get busy on preparing for year end and the coming year. Our Bylaws Committee is hard at work reviewing our Chapter Bylaws and updating them to fall in line with our vision. Some changes are in the works, and you will be receiving notifications via email to keep you in the loop on our progress. One change is moving our Elections from March to November.

    Elections will be held during our November meeting. Send your nominations for Board positions no later than October 15th to  November elections provide the new Board members a longer transition time to learn their new roles which run from April 2018 to March 2019.

    Remember: Awards night has moved to March 2018, so let’s make this a very special event! We only have two company sponsorships still available for awards night. Please contact to be included in planning this great event. It’s going to be HUGE!

    Don’t forget: to receive RCH credits for the Monthly meetings, you will need to sign in on the attendance sheet as well as complete the post meeting survey. If you don’t receive the survey email, contact

    Education is taking it to the schools with Money Matters. Volunteer by emailing 

    Participation – What would you like to do for our December meeting? Email and let me know what you think.

    Keep reading…Our great Board has tons of things planned!

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    Chapter Bylaws

    Chapter Bylaws Update

    By Danielle LaFleur, CPP

    The bylaws are changing!  As part of the normal review process, some changes are being made to the bylaws.  Please click on the link on the home page to look over the proposed changes.  Voting on the changes will take place at the October meeting.  If you have any questions, contact

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    Look Who's Speaking!

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    Happenings on the Hill

    Upcoming events

    By Sheri Lewis, CPP

    Come join us for our Quarterly Personal Improvement Event (P.I.E.) on November 16th at the offices of Critical Healthcare, located at 5710 LBJ Freeway, as we learn from our speaker, Carolyn Huse, CPP, about “C.A.R.E. Packages for the Workplace”. 

    This workshop will cover what motivates an employee to do better at work; learn ways to show appreciation to an employee when there is no money in the budget; and, ways to make the workplace environment more enjoyable.

    Seating will be limited to the first 30 who sign-up, so if you are interested in joining us, be sure to sign up as soon as registration opens..

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    Eye on Education

    By Jeanne Jackson, CPP

    If you are interested in volunteering to teach or administer- one of the spring 2018 education classes please email

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    Membership Corner

    By Brenda Smith, CPP

    Well, the State Fair has started, NPW is over, TPC is over, the Rodeo is over – and if you missed that, you missed a lot of fun.

    We were a small group at the rodeo, but we didn’t let that stop us.  We ate until we were stuffed then watched the cowboys, kids, horses, cows, and even some sheep. 

    October means we are fast approaching year end and we are getting ready to start our “busy” season.  W2’s are right around the corner.

    Just a reminder that if you are in the job market, we have several recruiters in our membership that will be glad to assist you in locating that perfect job. You may also visit the job board listing on the Dallas APA website.

    There were no table questions for the month of September- we were too excited about meeting our great speaker, Tony Brigmon, of Southwest Airlines.  Thank you, Sheri Lewis for locating a great speaker for NPW.

    In the month of August we had 3 new members:

    Brenda Beaver                        Tiffany Henderson                              Angela Romero


    Our Lunch On Us Winner for August was:  Connie Nieberlein

    At the September meeting, we had    94 in attendance 24 Guests, 70 members.

    EXL Services sent 9 representatives, Omni Hotels sent 4 representatives, TFORCE sent 4 representatives, Southern Glazers sent 4 representatives, Park Place Dealerships sent 4 representatives, Jack Henry & Assoc. sent 4 representatives, 5 companies sent 3 representative each, 4 companies sent 2 representatives each.

    Looking forward to seeing everyone next month.

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    Community Service

    By Susan Warren, CPP

    What is it we say in payroll?  The only thing constant in payroll is change!  Well, that also applies to our Community Outreach for the months of October, November, and December.  We had announced that we would collect money for Houston Flood Relief -- that will not change.  We had announced that we would contribute our collected funds to the Justin J. Watt Foundation’s Houston Flood Relief efforts -- that will change.

    It appears that JJ Watt has had a rather good run at more than football this month.  In a little over three weeks, his foundation collected over $34 million dollars!  They have announced that they will end the donation portion of their campaign on Friday, September 15 at 5 PM central time so that they can confidently take time to manage these funds in the best way possible.  This is NOT a bad problem to have!  Congratulations to the Justin J. Watt Foundation, as Houston Flood Relief recipients will need this help, and more.

    As for the Dallas Chapter Outreach, we will instead be donating to The Ballard House in Katy, Texas.  The Ballard House’s mission is to provide temporary housing for patients and their caregivers coming to the Katy/West Houston area medical facilities for treatment of life threatening illnesses:  Unfortunately, they suffered extensive flood damage during hurricane Harvey, and they have had to temporarily close.  They have managed to re-house all their guests in safe host homes, and they are diligently working to wreck out their damaged first floor, but the drying process will take months before reconstruction can begin.  With our help, they can more quickly go back to their mission of housing these patients who so desperately need a home-away-from-home while they undergo lifesaving treatments. 

    Please join together as we unite to serve this worthy outreach facility with our own outreach during their crisis.

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    Other News

    Dallas APA Partied on The Plaza for NPW!

    By Susan Warren, CPP

    2017 National Payroll Week was a tremendous success as Dallas Chapter APA celebrated at Party on The Plaza with WFAA Channel 8’s Daybreak morning news show and Money Matters high school students from W.T. White High School in Dallas on Friday, September 8.  After months of organization and coordination between the chapter and the high school and our wonderful event sponsor, ADP, almost 100 individuals showed up for the 4:30 AM stage call wearing custom t-shirts with this year’s NPW artwork and sporting the American workers’ hats featured in that artwork.  Our own DAPA lyricists customized the words to The Village People’s “YMCA”, and we all sang “It’s fun to pay at the DAPA”.  We may not win any music awards, but we sure did have a good time singing and dancing with Daybreak’s DJ LC!

    Visit the Dallas Chapter APA Facebook page where we have posted the montage that Daybreak created for us, or simply click on the link below and enjoy our Party on The Plaza!

    Dallas Chapter APA Facebook page

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