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President's Notes

By Sheri Lewis, CPP

As a payroll professional, I feel it is important to share, give back and pay it forward.  In that spirit, I was fortunate to travel to San Antonio with Martha Baxter to support our sister Chapter, the Alamo Chapter of the APA.  Martha and I were able to attend both their monthly luncheon as well as their special evening Chapter event, Fiesta Fandango.  We had a great experience learning at their Chapter luncheon.  We were also fortunate to mingle not only with their members but also staff members from the National APA office during the Fiesta event.  It was truly a great day of learning and networking for us both.  Fiesta was a new experience for Martha and she quickly found out how much fun (and expensive) it can be to join in the madness of collecting Fiesta medals.  Be sure to ask her to tell you about her medals and about the 3-pound cinnamon roll she took home from Lulu’s Bakery & Café in San Antonio.

If you were at the April meeting, you witnessed some changes take place with the introduction of our first-time attendees, our buffet meal vs. plated meal and our attendee photo following the meeting.  If you did not make it, don’t worry, you will continue to see changes going forward.  As we introduce or try new things at our monthly meeting, be sure to provide feedback on the surveys to let us know what you like or dislike.  We want to improve our monthly luncheon experience for you and welcome your input!  Never hesitate to provide comments on the food, location, topic, speaker or chapter information.  We can only improve the member experience with your input. 

There will also be opportunities for you to participate on various committees formed by our directors.  This is another way for you to give back to the chapter, but also provides you with a direct voice to our board for improving or building on chapter offerings.

Be sure to join us at our May meeting where Martha Baxter will provide us with a humorous and unique perspective on the differences between Payroll and HR. 

We will also be holding a special election for our Treasurer’s position at this meeting.  Information regarding our candidates will be posted on the Chapter website after May 1st to provide you with the opportunity to learn about our candidates prior to the election.

Are you a social media junky?  Well, Dallas APA is stepping up their social media presence.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and LinkedIn.  And speaking of social media – be sure to go out and vote for the Dallas APA on Facebook for the 2018 Chapters’ Choice Contest.  You can vote once per day through May 2nd.  (

Together, we can connect, grow and keep our Chapter strong!

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Look Who's Speaking!

To receive RCH credit for the monthly meetings, you are now required to:

  1.      Sign in upon arrival
  2.      Complete the electronic survey sent out after the monthly meeting

Surveys will only be available to complete through midnight on the last day of the month in which the meeting was held.

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Membership Corner

Membership Updates

Submitted by: Martha Baxter

Exciting things are happening on the membership front.  We have completed the 2018-2019 renewal period and continue to see prior members returning and new members joining us. To update you on our membership forecast, the chapter has seen a steady decline in membership over the last 5 years and with an average of 40 members per year not returning.  However, we are hopeful that with the addition of our Membership Focus Group that we will see an upward turn this year.  For the 2018-2019 budget year, we projected 303 members.  As of this newsletter we have 2/3rds of our projected membership number. We are encouraged by the strong renewal numbers and are reaching out to our previous members to see if we can assist in their renewals.

We are excited to announce a new member benefit launching in June.  “Ask a Payroll Professional” will be available at our monthly luncheon meetings.  Members can submit their payroll questions via email prior to the luncheon meetings and a great team of payroll professionals will prepare responses, documentation and resources to give out at the meeting.  Also, we will have a group of dedicated payroll professionals on site at each luncheon to take your questions in person.  Stay tuned as we will be sending out more information in the upcoming weeks.

Be sure to “like” us on Facebook as we are sending out updates regularly through social media outlets.  Our Membership Focus Committee Co-Chair, Francisco Collazo, CPP; will be providing some hands-on training for us at the monthly luncheon meeting in May to ensure we are following the Dallas Chapter on social media.

Be sure to check out our home page where this month we are featuring “Getting to Know Us”, where we will be showcasing a member of the Board of Directors. 

We added 6 new members in the month of March and we currently have 8 new members for April.  Please welcome the following new members:

                                    Valery Noakes, CPP      Noakes Consulting

                                    Kimberly Parks              LaQuinta Management, LLC

                                    Laura Beza                    Omni Hotels

                                    Mike Thompson            Omni Hotels

                                    Vhonda Ross                The Apparel Group

                                    Jeremy Griffith              Workforce Go

                                    Timothy Webb               City of Farmers Branch

                                    Maureen Tanges            unknown


If you have any questions or you would like to join our Membership Focus Group, please email us @ [email protected]


Meet our President, Sheri Lewis, CPP

(I met Sheri in 2010 and quickly gravitated to her passion for empowering others.  When Sheri moved back to Dallas and once again became part of the DAPA family, we immediately knew she would continue her spirit of giving back to our profession and becoming part of our leadership team. I hope each of you take time to introduce yourself to Sheri when you have a moment.  You can contact her at [email protected].  I know she would love to hear from you.  I was honored as the 2016 Texas Payroll Professional of the Year to present Sheri with the 2017 Texas Payroll Professional of the Year award at TPC in Las Colinas last year. Welcome back, Sheri to DAPA and thank you for being part of our leadership team.      Martha Baxter –Membership Director)

Sheri Lewis, CPP is the Payroll Manager for Critical Healthcare Management.  She has been in the payroll industry for over 25 years.  Sheri began her payroll career as an Accounting/Payroll Clerk for GF Associates.  She advanced her career by working in various positions such as Payroll Administrator for Boeing, Senior Payroll Administrator for Dave & Buster’s World Headquarters, Client Service Administrator for Brumley PEO and Payroll Manager at HVHC Inc.

Sheri has been a member of the American Payroll Association since 1994.  She passed the Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) exam in October of 2011 and recertified in 2016.  Sheri has served on the National level through participation on the Government Affairs Task Force for Pennsylvania Local Taxes, e-IWO committee and the Hotline Referral Committee.

On the state level, Sheri served on the Texas Payroll Conference Board of Directors as Speaker Chair, Registration Chair, Vice President, Volunteer Chair, President Elect, President and Advisor.  Sheri was named the 2017 Texas Payroll Professional of the Year.

On the local level, Sheri served on the Alamo Chapter as Secretary, President-Elect and President.  She assisted with the Alamo Chapter’s FPC/CPP Certification courses by serving as both an administrator and co-presenter for several years.  Sheri most recently served the Dallas Chapter as the Programs Director and currently serves as President of the Chapter.  She has assisted with both the FPC and CPP courses by serving as an administrator, instructor and developer of courses in 2017.  Sheri also assisted with teaching and developing CPP courses held at One Source Virtual in 2017 for their employees.

Sheri loves sharing her knowledge and believes that serving in the local chapters provides her the opportunity to promote the payroll profession and pay it forward for the friends and mentorship she received from so many in the profession.

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Eye on Education

News from Education

The Education team’s 2018 Fundamentals of Payroll class series will begin on May 12th and end on June 9th. This is a four (4) Saturday class (no class on May 19th) that will be held at the LaQuinta Grand Prairie and offers 28 RCH. The cost of the course includes the 2018 Fundamentals of Payroll book. All classes will be held from 8am-4pm with a one-hour lunch.

To get additional information about dates, time, location and fees for the FPC course as well as other upcoming class series, please visit

Education is also looking for members to join the Education Committee which will be responsible for brainstorming new ideas for our education class series; develop a chapter sponsored study group and various other innovative ways to deliver our primary product – EDUCATION! Interested members should email a copy of your current bio to [email protected].

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Community Service

By Teresa Mulkey, CPP


May is the first month our community service efforts will focus on Donate Life Texas. The Donate Life Texas Registry is the only, official organ, eye and tissue donor registry for the state of Texas.

By registering, you can record your legal consent for organ, eye and tissue donation after death. Many feel that registering is a compassionate step because it lifts the burden of decision-making off of family and loved ones during an emotional time.

Donate Life Texas is part of the national Donate Life America registry network which is consulted by Texas organ, eye and tissue recovery organizations to confirm registration status when a person passes away.

Dallas’ own Rhonda Potter will share her family’s experience with organ donation and the critical role played by Donate Life Texas.

For more information or to donate: 


Change for A Change

Beginning in April the silver buckets are back as we continue our “Change for A Change” partnership with Williams Chicken in 2018. As a reminder your change will be used to purchase coats for less fortunate kids in Dallas.

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Government Updates

By: Kellie Somero, CPP

FLSA Amended to Rescind Former Tip Pooling Regulation and Prohibit Employers from Keeping Tips.

As part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2018 (the “Act”), which was signed into law on

March 23, 2018, Congress has amended the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) to forbid employers, managers or supervisors from retaining any portion of the tips earned by employees, whether or not the employer takes a tip credit. The Act rescinds a controversial, Obama-era Department of Labor regulation that prohibited the practice of tip pooling, regardless of whether the employer took a tip credit. Instead, the Act provides that tip pooling between tipped and non-tipped employees is permissible as long as the employer pays its employees the full minimum wage as required by the jurisdiction where the employee works. If an employer takes a tip credit, tip pooling is not permitted and tips must remain the property of the employee who received them.

For more information click on the link provided:

Additional States Make Employee Withholding Allowance Certificate Changes

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (TCJA; Pub. L. 115-97) suspended the deduction of personal exemptions from federal taxable income for tax years 2018 through 2025.  The Act also limits or repeals the ability to reduce federal taxable income by using certain itemized deductions on a taxpayers’ personal income tax return.  The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued the 2018 Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate, earlier this year and several states have adjustments or revisions as well.  Oklahoma issued a new state-specific form (they previously used the federal form W-4), see more in article below. Montana has provided guidance on which version of the Form W-4 to use, as did Louisiana. Missouri also updated its employee withholding allowance certificate. 

Click on state links below for more information:







  • Colorado withholding tables updated due to federal tax reform. Effective for wages paid on or after April 1, 2018 the Department of Revenue has revised the wage bracket and percentage method withholding tables. The DOR usually revised withholding tables for odd-numbered years only, however, the tables were revised this year because of the federal tax reform.  Click on the below link for more information:


  • In response to federal tax changes imposed under the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA), the state of Oklahoma has created the Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate also known as the OK-W-4. Historically, Oklahoma used the federal Form W-4 for state income tax withholding purposes and did not have its own form. Use of the federal Form W-4 for Oklahoma state income tax withholding purposes is no longer allowed. It is important to note that employees that submitted federal Form W-4 to their employer prior to March 1, 2018, are not required to submit the new Form OK-W-4. However, employees hired on or after March 1, 2018 must utilize the OK-W-4. In addition, employees hired before March 1, 2018 who utilized the federal W-4 must use the new state form. 

For a copy of the OK-W-4 please click on the link provided below:


  • Effective January 1, 2019 child support withholding payments must be remitted electronically in Washington if the employer falls within certain guidelines.


  • On March 28, 2018. Governor Jay Inslee signed into law the Student Opportunity Assistance and Relief Act (H1169) which limits the state post-judgment interest rate for private student loan debt, increases exemptions for bank account and personal property, and limits wage garnishment amounts.  The new law (H1169) is effective June 7, 2018.

For a copy of H1169 please click on the link provided:

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