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President's Notes

By Sheri Lewis, CPP
I hope you have received our email notifications about our 1st Annual Stuff the Bus campaign.  If not, be sure to check our membership section for information on this tremendous opportunity to assist children in need with the necessary school supplies for the new school year.  This is definitely an activity that you can get your fellow co-workers to participate in!
At our June meeting, we launched the Dallas APA version of ‘Ask a Payroll Professional’.  If you have an issue or question that you need assistance with researching, be sure to ask our professionals for help!  You can submit your question via email or bring it to the meeting.  More information will be shared on this service at the July meeting.
Be sure to make plans to attend the July 12th meeting and invite your HR partners to join you.  We will have Karen Ward, CPP speak to us on how to ‘Get in the Game’.  Karen will share information regarding State and Federal law changes related to relocating and small acquisitions.
Education kicked off the Mastering Payroll series on June 23rd and has a Calculations class scheduled for July 7th.  If you plan on sitting for either certification test in the fall, don’t miss out on this opportunity to really dig in and learn those calculations!  For more information, be sure to check the Education Page at www.apadallas.com .
National Payroll Week is around the corner and we are busy making big plans for the September meeting.  Announcements about this fun and educational event will be shared soon, so keep an eye out - you don’t want to miss it!  Remember, because of our National Payroll Week celebration, our September meeting is held early.  Save the date for September 6th.
The Board of Directors is continuing our work to improve our Dallas Chapter offerings and we gladly welcome your input!  Continue to provide your comments on the monthly meeting surveys. 
Together, we can connect, grow and keep our Chapter strong!

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Look Who's Speaking!

Who’s Speaking?

Submitted by: Lillian Huynh

July Speaker:                    Karen Ward, CPP                      Topic:  Get in the Game
August Speaker:               Pat Karacostas, CPP                 Topic:  Payroll Forensics
September                    **National Payroll Week**              Speaker:  Coach Slow
October Speaker:             Barbara Youngman, CPP           Topic:  Generational Differences
November Speaker:         Paul Gill, CPP                             Topic:  50 Shades of Payroll
December Speaker:         Kathy Phillips, CPP                    Topic:  Judgement


To receive RCH credit for the monthly meetings, you are now required to:
    1. Sign in upon arrival
    2. Complete the electronic survey sent out after the monthly meeting


Surveys will only be available to complete through midnight on the last day of the month in which the meeting was held.


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Texas Payroll Conference

TPC Woodlands

Volunteer Opportunity

Members it’s that time! We are looking forward to seeing you all at the Woodlands for Texas Payroll Conference 9/12-9/15. We will be seeking volunteers to help set up the booth as well as work short shifts during the times the exhibit hall is open and lastly, we will need a few volunteers to assist with booth take down. It’s always a great time meeting the attendees each year and seeing our other sister chapters compete for “Best Decorated Chapter Booth”. We are looking for a repeat this year, so if you are interested please check the registration table at the luncheon meeting for sign up. Once we get the list of those attending and volunteering we will put together a schedule. Typically, these are 15 to 30-minute schedules depending on the number of volunteers. What a great way to get involved!

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Membership Corner

Membership Updates

Submitted by:  Martha Baxter
We had a great kick off to our “Ask a Payroll Professional” at our June meeting.  Members can submit their payroll questions via email prior to the luncheon meetings and a great team of payroll professionals will prepare responses, including documentation and resources and have to you at the meeting.  Also, we will have a group of dedicated payroll professionals on site at each luncheon to take your questions in person.  Please submit your payroll questions to [email protected], prior to the meeting.  We will have education committee members on hand at the meetings should something arises that needs immediate attention.  Please note, the education committee may need to contact you for further information in order to ensure they are providing the correct feedback to your question.  Look for the “Ask a Payroll Professional” table at the meetings.
We are currently reaching out to those previous members we didn’t hear from during our renewal period as part of our “Re-Connect” project.  If you know someone who needs to re-connect, please have them sign on to the website to renew. 
Did I hear someone already talking about “Back to School”, wow, surely not!  Not to be outdone in preparing for back to school, DAPA is sponsoring the 1st Annual Stuff the Bus Campaign in support of the Carrollton-Farmers Branch School District.  Starting at our July meeting we will be collecting school supplies in our efforts to fill up the bus! How exciting.  It’s been great fun shopping for school supplies and some employers are participating by placing a large collection box within their companies.  What great support.  I can’t wait to see the bus full of school supplies for those less fortunate children.  We will run this campaign through our September NPW meeting. 
Stuff the Bus
Only 2 more months till NPW and we have BIG and I mean BIG plans this year.  So, stay tuned for much more information coming your way on NPW.  But just in case, mark your calendars for September 6th as you will not want to miss this one!  Like they say, “go big or go home”!  Well, DAPA is going BIG! 

NPW 2018

We are “on fire” in membership for June.  We had 13 new members bringing us to a total of 245 members.
Please welcome the following new members:

                                Cindy Parten                                      Burgess Construction Consultants, Inc.
                                Hope Cummings                               Safran USA
                                Lynnette Martinez, CPP                 OrchestrateHR
                                Danyelle Holley                                 Oldcastle Building Envelope
                                Kathy Cardinal                                   Collin County Community College
                                Alejandra Bran                                  Old Castle Building Envelope
                                Tawana Gray-Timmoms                KPMG, LLP
                                Susan Odom                                       Exeter Finance
                                U-Marcus Timmons                         Real Bank
                                Cynthia Flowers                                One Source Virtual
                                Alana Cohen                                      Texas Health Center for Diagnostics & Surgery
                                Marcus Kuhns                                   ADP
                                Mary Langforrd, CPP                       City of the Colony                           
If you have any questions or you would like to join our Membership Focus Group, 
please email us @ [email protected]        

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Eye on Education

Submitted by: Verna Bryant, CPP


The DAPA Education Team hosted our one (1) day Calculations class on Saturday, July 7th at the LaQuinta Inn – Addison. This was an eight (8) hour instructor led class that covered basic through advanced calculations. The class received excellent reviews.


The Mastering CPP class series will begin its third (3rd) week on July 14th and end on July 28th. The course has been well received by attendees.


To get additional information about dates, time, location and fees for our upcoming FPC class series, our Fast Track series for CPP and FPC, please visit http://apadallas.com.
The Education Committee continues in their efforts to develop new and improved ideas that will assist DAPA membership reach professional goals.


Our “Ask A Payroll Professional” project is still in the development stage but we have been able to respond to the question asked at our most recent luncheon and look forward to providing more assistance to members.
Please email comments or questions to [email protected].

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Community Service

Submitted by: Teresa Mulkey, CPP

Money Matters National Education

It’s time to gear-up for the annual Money Matters National Education effort. As most of you know Money Matters is an annual event that empowers payroll and finance professionals to educate the upcoming generations of employees on paycheck basics. This financial literacy event was founded by the American Payroll Association and is held annually in conjunction with National Payroll Week.
If you would like to participate by presenting the material to neighboring schools or if you have a school you would like partner with please contact me at [email protected] so we can coordinate the efforts.


Donate Life

This month we continue our community service focus on Donate Life Texas.

The Donate Life Texas Registry is the only, official organ, eye and tissue donor registry for the state of Texas.
By registering, you can record your legal consent for organ, eye and tissue donation after death. Many feel that registering is a compassionate step because it lifts the burden of decision-making off family and loved ones during an emotional time.
Donate Life Texas is part of the national Donate Life America registry network which is consulted by Texas organ, eye and tissue recovery organizations to confirm registration status when a person passes away.
For more information or to donate:
The money raised by Donate Life Texas is used to for education and operation expenses for this worthy organization.


Change for a Change

Please continue to fill our silver buckets with your loose change at our monthly meetings as we continue our “Change for A Change” partnership with Williams Chicken in 2018. Change collected will be used to purchase coats for less fortunate kids in Dallas.


Future Community Service Efforts

If you have a suggestion for future community service efforts please email me at [email protected].

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Happenings on the Hill

Submitted by: Kellie Somero, CPP


IRS to Release Final 2019 Form W-4 in November
A final version of the 2019 Form W-4, Employee’s Withholding Allowance Certificate, will be released in early November.  The draft reflects big changes for the 2019 Form W-4. Check out the draft of the 2019 Form W-4 on the IRS website:  https://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-dft/fw4--dft.pdf


OASDI Wage Base Expected to Increase for 2019
The Social Security wage base is projected to increase to $132,300 in 2019 from $128,400 in 2018.  The wage base is expected to increase between $5,000-$8,000 each year for the next 10 years with an estimated wage base of $185,100 in the year 2027.


IRS Proposes Regulations to Increase Number of Electronically Filed Returns
The IRS is proposing regulations that would require all information returns, regardless of type, be considered to determine if a business meets the 250-return threshold.  The proposed regulations would also include corrected information returns if the business is required to electronically file returns.  If approved the regulations would be in effect for information returns required to be filed after December 31, 2018.
IRS Updates Payroll Professionals on Revised Wage Levy Exemption Amounts
In May 2018 the IRS released updated Notice 1439, Figuring the Amount Exempt From Levy on Wages, Salary, and Other Income – Forms 668-W, 668-W(ACS) and 668-W(ICS), this notice updated the instructions for the three versions of Form 668-W.  The IRS also release in May a revised 2018 Publication 1494, Tables for Figuring Amount Exempt From Levy on Wages, Salary, and Other Income.  This reflected the updated exempt amounts based on the number of dependents claimed instead of the number of exemptions, reflective of the changes made by the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.  Important Items to note:
  • Any employees subject to wage levies prior to January 1, 2018 can have their 2018 levy exemption amount recalculated, taking into account the revised tables in Publication 1494. The employee would need to provide their employer with a new Statement of Dependents and Filing Status, the employer cannot recalculate the levy without the new statement.
  • If an employee has a change in the number of their dependents or filing status while the levy is in effect the employee may file another Statement of Dependents and Filing Status with the employer to change the amount exempt.
  • Reminder – if an employee does not return Parts 3 and 4 of Form 668-W to the employer the exempt amount is calculated as if the employee was married filing separately with zero dependents.


IRS Announces Quarterly Interest Rates
The IRS has announced that interest rates for the third quarter of 2018, calendar quarter starting July 1, 2018 will remain at:
  • 5% (4% in the case of a corporation) for tax overpayments;
  • 5% for tax underpayments;
  • 7% for large corporate underpayments; and
  • 2.5% for the portion of a corporate overpayment exceeding $10,000


New Jersey Implements New Income Tax Rate
New Jersey recently passed legislation for a new highest income tax bracket.  The new income tax rate of 10.75 percent for incomes exceeding $5 million is effective for tax year 2018. The previous highest tax rate was 8.97 percent for incomes exceeding $500,000.  However, the bill directs tax to be withheld from incomes exceeding $5 million at a rate of 15.6 percent for the rest of 2018. Employers are to implement the higher withholding rate as soon as possible, but before September 1, 2018.  Employers are not subject to interest or penalties for under-withholding made before September 1, related to the new tax rate.


New York Court: Ruling Revoking Payroll Card Regulations Invalid
A New York trial court invalidated an independent review agency’s decision in 2017 to revoke the state Labor Department’s wage-payment rules on payroll debit cards. The New York Industrial Board of Appeals had the authority to modify only the provisions of the regulations that directly related to payroll credit cards, but instead it revoked the entirety of the regulations. The case is Reardon v. Global Cash Card and New York State Industrial Board of Appeals.


New York Releases Guidance on Payroll Tax
Guidance on New York’s optional employer compensation expense tax, which takes effect in 2019, was released July 3 by the state Department of Taxation and Finance.  Employers choosing to adopt the tax for 2019 must do so online by December 1, 2018.  The levy would start January 1, 2019, at a rate of 1.5 percent of employees’ compensation that exceeds $40,000, The tax is to increase to 3 percent in 2020 and to 5 percent in 2021.  An employee is subject to the tax if employed in New York, has a base of operations there, or is directed from the city. Quarterly returns for the new payroll tax are to be filed electronically when withholding tax returns are filed, which is the last day of the month after each quarter. Payments are to be made when withholding payments are made.


Ohio Workers’ Compensation Payroll Tax Not in Effect for Fiscal 2019
The Ohio workers’ compensation payroll assessments for the state’s disabled workers relief funds will not be in effect from July 1, 2018, to June 30, 2019, according to the state Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.  See the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation website for more information.

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